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85% Simply Cacao Chocolate Milk

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Siamaya Chocolate's 85% Simply Cacao Chocolate Bar represents the pinnacle of dark chocolate innovation, offering a unique and delightful twist within our Milk Chocolate line. This bar is a dream come true for chocolate enthusiasts who crave the depth and intensity of dark chocolate, yet hunger for something distinctively different. Carefully crafted to provide a rich, decadent experience, this chocolate bar stands as a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality and innovative chocolate making techniques.

At Siamaya, we understand the importance of preserving the authentic, robust essence of dark chocolate. We believe in creating a chocolate experience that is both indulgent and pure, without resorting to the use of excessive sugar or relying on low calorie artificial sweeteners that can detract from the chocolate's natural flavor profile. In our pursuit of creating the best tasting and a more satisfying chocolate bar, we have chosen to incorporate New Zealand grass fed whole milk into our recipe.

The inclusion of this high quality whole milk does more than just add a touch of creaminess to the chocolate, it brings a touch of natural sweetness that perfectly complements the rich cacao. This innovative approach allows us to minimize the need for added sugars while avoiding the unwanted aftertaste often associated with artificial sweeteners. The result is a chocolate bar that is not only indulgent and satisfying but also stays true to the essence of what makes dark chocolate so appealing.

Our 85% Simply Cacao Chocolate Bar is a celebration of the harmonious balance between the boldness of dark chocolate and the subtle, natural sweetness of high quality whole milk. Every bite is a journey into a world of intense cacao flavor, enhanced by the creamy, velvety texture that the milk imparts. This chocolate bar is perfect for those who seek a delicious , rich chocolate experience without compromising on the quality and purity of the ingredients.

Experience the unique twist on dark chocolate with Siamaya Chocolate's 85% Simply Cacao Chocolate Bar.

We buy our beans directly from Cocoa Nakorn Lampang Community Social Enterprise and other farmers in the region. We know our chocolate is only as good as our cacao beans, so we prioritize healthy soil, sustainable farming, and happy farmers. Our support of local cacao producers helps ensure the future and growth of cacao farming in Northern Thailand.