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85% Simply Cacao Chocolate Milk, Almonds & Sea Salt

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Siamaya Chocolate's 85% Simply Cacao Chocolate Milk with Almonds & Sea Salt is a delicious  treat, carefully crafted for those who savor the true essence of chocolate. This Milk Chocolate variant is a testament to our commitment to creating an indulgent dark chocolate experience, one that is free from added sugars and artificial sweeteners. At Siamaya, our focus is on premium quality ingredients and delivering an unparalleled taste experience, steering clear of any elements that could lead to an unsatisfactory aftertaste.

Our approach to this exquisite chocolate involves a clever blend of the finest elements. We use New Zealand grass fed whole milk, a choice that is as deliberate as it is crucial. This whole foods option doesn't just add to the richness and creaminess of the chocolate, it also enhances the overall flavor profile, offering a natural sweetness that beautifully balances the intensity of the cacao. The milk's creamy texture melds seamlessly with the cacao solids, creating a delicious and guilt-free treat.

To further elevate this sensory journey, we introduce toasted almonds into our chocolate. These almonds are not just any nuts, they are carefully chosen for their superior quality, nutty aroma, and the delightful crunch they bring. This addition introduces a layer of texture and taste that is both satisfying and complementary to the overall chocolate experience.

A delicate sprinkling of sea salt is the final touch to this beautiful creation. The sea salt doesn't overpower but harmoniously blends with the natural sweetness of the whole milk and the bitter notes of the cacao solids. This thoughtful inclusion of sea salt serves to heighten the flavors, adding a subtle complexity that tantalizes the palate. It's this balance of flavors - the richness of the chocolate, the nuttiness of the almonds, and the hint of saltiness - that culminates in a smooth, flavorful, and truly decadent dark chocolate experience.

We buy our beans directly from Cocoa Nakorn Lampang Community Social Enterprise and other farmers in the region. We know our chocolate is only as good as our cacao beans, so we prioritize healthy soil, sustainable farming, and happy farmers. Our support of local cacao producers helps ensure the future and growth of cacao farming in Northern Thailand.