Meet the cacao farmer

Meet the cacao farmer

Visiting a Thai Cacao Farmer in Lampang

Neil Meets Khun Pathom

Neil Ransom, CEO and one of Siamaya's founders, took the trip to Lampang, located in Northern Thailand just south of Chiang Mai, to visit the Thai Coffee & Cocoa Cooperation.

Khun Pathom (which means mr. Pathom) runs the Thai Coffee & Cocoa Cooperation. He works directly with local farmers by supplying trees from his nurseries and offering information and support to them throughout the growing process.

Cacao from Thailand is popular all over the world

Khun Pathom will then buy their harvests at fair prices and process them through to cocoa beans at his processing facility in Lampang, in the beautiful and hilly northern region of Thailand. Currently he exports to Japan and Singapore. The two biggest farms in the Coop are located in Lampang and Nakorn Si Thammarat and operated by community enterprise - and between them they now have around 21,000 trees. The entire process starting from farm to dry fermented beans is done with full traceability.

Fresh Cacao Beans

Siamaya emphasizes fair and direct trade

Siamaya Chocolate has worked directly with Khun Pathom for a number of years, together learning and cultivating the art of sustainable farming and turning the cacao into delicious chocolate bars.

For Siamaya, we value the mutually beneficial relationship with the farmers in Thailand, which means we together build and maintain high quality products and ethics in the way we do business. We also know that no pesticides are used in the production of the cacao and that there is full traceability in all parts of the growing of cacao and production of our world class chocolate bars!

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